Tom Stuttard

Tom is very excited about returning to Vienna’s English Theatre. Last season he made his professional debut in the two-hander I & You and is now relishing the opportunity to play Tom in The Glass Menagerie.

Born in London to an Irish father and an Italian mother, he moved to Vienna in 2008 and grew up there. He discovered his love for acting at the age of 18 while attending Showtime, Vienna’s English Theatre’s School of Performing Arts, and then went on to study at the Vienna’s English Theatre Academy, where he graduated in 2021. Favourite roles include Anthony in I &You, Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love and The Father in Bash: Iphigenia in Orem.

One of his favourite moments in drama school was working on The Glass Menagerie and performing one of Tom’s monologues. He has always been fascinated by the character and the story of the play so being able to fully immerse himself in and explore Tennessee William’s world is intriguing and rewarding.