It's smarter to subscribe!

Our flexible subscription scheme is the easiest way to plan a whole season of entertainment at Vienna‘s English Theatre in advance - and save money!

Up to 50% savings!
Priority booking!
Your subscription can begin at any time during the season.

Additional special offer for subscribers: 10% off guest tickets!


Save 24%
Save 33%
Save 41%
Save 50%

* Regular production : English language production, running at least 4 weeks. V.E.T.-Special productions can be booked from your subscription upon request.

60th Anniversary Subscription

Enjoy one exclusive Gala Night performance, followed by a reception with the cast at Luxury Hotels, Ambassador’s Residences, etc. within one of your 5 Classic or Comfort subscription evenings.

Upgrade of € 60 to the regular subscription price (limited availability).


Category Row Comfort Classic Easy Youth
I 1 - 3 & Balcony 1 € 206,- € 184,- € 162,- -
II 4-6 € 179,- € 158,- € 139,- -
III 7-8 € 155,- € 137,- € 120,- -
IV 9-10 & Balcony 2 € 129,- € 116,- € 101,- -
V 11 -12 & Balcony 3 € 101,- € 91,- € 80,- € 66,-
  ANNIVERSARY + € 60,- + € 60,- - -

For information about categories and rows, click to enlarge the Seating & Price Info here. (Prices include VAT)

VIP Premiere Subscription

Join the prestigious circle of our patrons and enjoy 5 Premieres followed by elegant gala receptions at Embassies, Luxury Hotels or at the theatre.

For further details please contact us under (0)1-402 12 60-21 or


How do I order a subscription?
To order online please click here.
Alternatively you can order by phone, fax or by email.
A subscription can begin at any time during the season.

How do I order tickets?
COMFORT, CLASSIC and YOUTH Subscribers: please give us 3 dates of your choice and your ticket(s) will be deposited under your name at the box office. EASY Subscribers: you will receive your ticket(s) automatically before each regular production. You may also use our online order form.
As a special service you will receive a reminder for each show by email or post. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee these reminders will arrive on time due to circumstances beyond our control.

How do I renew my subscription?
You will receive an invoice for your new subscription together with the tickets for your last subscription performance. Subscriptions may only be cancelled by written notice

How can I change my ticket(s)?
As a special service, subscribers may exchange tickets received.
A fee of € 1,50 per ticket will be charged for COMFORT, CLASSIC and YOUTH subscriptions and € 3,- per ticket for EASY subscriptions.

Please understand that an exchange at short notice is not possible.