21 May - 10 Jul 2024

Act 1:
70 mins
20 mins
Act 2:
65 mins

Show ends approx.:
10.05 p.m.

Performances daily
at 7.30pm, ex. Sundays

No public performance
on 22 May 2024



Isobel McArthur’s refreshing new adaptation of Jane Austen’s most iconic novel became a triumph in the West End and won the Laurence Olivier Award 2022 for Best Comedy. Told from the perspective of a group of servants who take on all the roles, this classic romance, brimming with Austen’s witty dialogues, is turned into a joyful tour-de-force interspersed with quick-changes, upstairs/downstairs mayhem, and pop style musical performances.

It’s the 1800s. It’s party time. Let the merry matchmaking begin!
Pride and Prejudice follows the five Bennet sisters as they are forced to search for “good” marriages. The family estate cannot be passed onto a female heir and Mrs Bennet is desperate to find a match for her two eldest daughters. She sets all her hopes on the newly arrived, and wealthy, Mr Bingley, to fall in love with her eldest, Jane. Her instincts are soon proven right, but at the same time, her second daughter, the headstrong Elizabeth, refuses to marry for security and engages in a “trench warfare” with the haughty Mr Darcy which threatens to ruin everything. Many entanglements ensue before Elizabeth and Darcy learn to overcome their pride and prejudices, so the Bennet family can finally reach their “happily ever after”.

Riotously funny…gloriously entertaining…frankly sensational.” –Variety

Layer and layer of brilliance” –The Scotsman

“A total blast of hilarity from start to finish... sticks faithfully to Austen's brilliant story while opening it up into a riot of fun, colour and mischief-making.” –WhatsOnStage

Isobel McArthur’s Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) was first performed at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow in the summer of 2018.

The cast

Megan Ashley
as Maid Tillie/ Charlotte/ Mr Bingley/ Miss Bingley
Xena Bassel
as Maid Clara/ Jane/ Wickham/ Lady Catherine
Anna Blackburn
as Maid Anne/ Lydia/ Mary/ Mr Collins/ Mrs Gardiner
Rachel O'Hare
as Maid Flo/ Mrs Bennet/ Mr Darcy
Ashley Tucker
as Maid Effie/ Elizabeth