Robert G. Neumayr


Robert studied musical theatre at Performing Arts Studios Vienna. After graduating, engagements took him to the Raimund Theater Wien, Theater der Jugend Wien, the Graz Opera, the Volkstheater Wien and the off-theatre scene in Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Bolzano and Ljubljana.

Over the last ten years, he has frequently changed fields and now works primarily as a director, producer and playwright. Robert is considered a specialist for debut and world premieres and has helped bring many new plays to Austria, including The Timekeepers, Hypnosis, Brothers of Thunder, Apartment 3A, as well as the jazz opera Hochgeschätztes Tiefparterre by Geri Schuller & Harald Friedl.

He directed the solo chamber chanson Endlich Allein by and with Mai Horlemann at the Volksbühne Berlin, as well as the off-Broadway hit STRAIGHT as a German-language premiere at the Schmidt Theater in Hamburg and guest performances in Berlin.

Robert is also the head of the independent Viennese theatre company Open House Theatre, which produced the Austrian premiere of The Suitcase in early 2023 as a bilingual version, for which he was also responsible for the German translation.

His next directorial endeavour is the Austrian and German-language premiere of the original London chamber musical Before/After by Stuart Mathew Price & Timothy Knapman, which will premiere in Vienna in April 2024 at Theater Spielraum.

Robert is honoured to be directing The Suitcase for the 60th anniversary season of Vienna’s English Theatre.