Katharina Gerlich

Katharina is an Austrian actress, director and writer. She wrote and self-published her very first book at the tender age of 8 using her parents’ printer, crayons and loads of staples. Later, she followed her passion for storytelling and trained to be an actress at Schauspielschule Krauss/Vienna and in London. Katharina also works as a voice over artist and continuously broadens her repertoire training in Dramatic Combat and Motion and Performance Capture as well as different styles of dance.

Collaborations with international artists from a range of different fields led her to perform in venues all over Europe. Since 2020 Katharina is a member of Ensemble Porcia - this summer’s tour took her to perform in Vienna, Styria, Carinthia, East Tyrol and Alto Adige/Italy.

Die Sprache des Wassers and Ein Sommernachtstraum two theatre productions Katharina worked on with Ensemble Imp:Art, were shortlisted for the Austrian STELLA arts award.

In 2016 Katharina received the Cultural Award of the City of Baden, Austria, in the category of performing arts.

Her first role on TV was at the age of 17 as a co-star playing alongside Adele Neuhauser on the Austrian TV Show SOKO Donau.

Her short film Sweet Survival, a female driven thriller set in a dystopian future, that Katharina produced together with a team of creatives from more than 15 countries, has recently been selected as ‘Best Thriller/Horror’ at the Austrian Independent Film Festival.

Katharina is excited to be performing at Vienna’s English Theatre for the first time.