Vienna’s English Theatre, Vienna Theatre Project & Open House Theatre



In this joint-venture, we bring you an evening of drinks, snacks and
a taster reading of exciting and challenging drama extracts.



On Thursday 17 May at 7:30pm


We will present 20min extracts of:

ORCA by Matt Grinter ‘One girl, against the happiness of the whole village. Can you
not see it has to be done?'
The village must choose a new ‘Daughter’ to sail with the fishing boats and bless the waters, keeping them safe from the roaming orcas for another year.

BU21 by Stuart Slade How would we react to a terrorist attack? What impact would it
have on our lives and personalities?
This extraordinary new drama follows six young people caught in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in the heart of London.

CROSSING JERUSALEM by Julia Pascal Jerusalem at the height of the last intifada. A wife wants to celebrate her birthday. A husband does not want to have a son.
A daughter wants to shock her mother. A brother wants to kill soldiers…
Israeli Jews, Arabs and Palestians all meet on one day as bombs explode.


Location: Vienna’s English Theatre Bar, Josefsgasse 12, 1080 Vienna
The bar opens at 6:30pm

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We would like to thank THE CAKE TREE for sponsoring the delicious snacks for the evening. THE CAKE TREE, Wolfgang Schmälzl Gasse 14, 1020 Wien