by David Foley
26 May- 28 June 2008

David Foley

David Foley’s plays have been performed across the United States and in Europe. Deadly Murder was nominated for a 2008 Edgar Award (under its American title If/Then) and is touring the UK this summer (under yet a third title Deadly Game).

Productions include Switch with Blue Coyote Theatre Group in New York; Cressida Among the Greeks and A Hole in the Fence at the White Bear Theatre in London; If/Then at the International Mystery Writers’ Festival in Owensboro, Kentucky; Earning a Sharp Rebuke From Emily Post and Paradise, both with Blue Coyote; Sad Hotel at Minds Eye Theatre in Kansas City; Suffering the Witch at Théâtre de Poche in Brussels (under the title American Witch); The Last Days of Madalyn Murray O’Hair in Exile and Cressida Among the Greeks, both at New York’s Ohio Theatre; Sad Hotel at the White Barn Theatre in Westport, Connecticut; and The Murders at Argos at FringeNYC.

He has received the Dramarama Award and the Southwest Theatre Association Award and was nominated for the 2001 American Theatre Critics Association New Play Award. His plays are published by Oberon Books in London.